About the Author


I’m Ashley – a self-proclaimed foodist, fitness enthusiast, and imperfect human being.

I started the WDB to share my story, my thoughts, and most importantly, to change how the world views food and fitness.

As far as credentials are concerned, I have a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences and I am a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach in training. I’ve taken a grand total of one culinary class in my lifetime and am looking at getting my personal training certification in the coming months. Other than that, I’m just a person who has spent much of their life eating and breathing wellness (literally).

I like to cook with “real food,” meaning that my ingredients come from nature that way (or at least pretty close to it!). I tend to eat low carb-ish because it makes my body and my mind feel good. I’m not Paleo, Primal, or Team #IIFYM. In fact, I don’t even count calories. I’m just a girl that likes to eat because food is delicious and cooking is fun. To me, the most important component of health is mental health. Labeling myself or ascribing to any set of “eating rules” isn’t healthy for me. So, I’m just doing my own thing.

I love fitness because there are so many awesome ways to get fit. Be it lifting, yoga, sprinting, rock climbing, dancing, hula hooping, or joining the circus there’s always a cool new way to challenge yourself physically and enjoy doing it.

Most importantly, I’m a human. My life is far from perfect. I’ve traveled my own rocky road and I’m here to share my experience. Being vulnerable with others is a super scary thing for me, but I feel like sharing my thoughts and stories to strangers on the internet is a pretty good start. 🙂