Recipe: Clementine Creamsicle Chia Pudding

Yay, it's citrus season! When I entered the market on a particularly cold and cloudy day this past weekend, I was immediately drawn to brightness of the fresh lemons, limes, grapefruits, and oranges. I knew I had to make SOMETHING with citrus. So, I left the store with clementines and blueberries (because I thought they … Continue reading Recipe: Clementine Creamsicle Chia Pudding

Recipe: Every Season Roasted Corn Salsa

I'm pretty sure that everything is better roasted and charred. Meats, veggies, and most certainly, corn! In my last attempts to cling to summer, I decided to incorporate some Mexican-esque recipes into my weekly meal prep. Roasted corn salsa is one of my favorites - so naturally, it had to be made. This recipe is … Continue reading Recipe: Every Season Roasted Corn Salsa